Carbognani Cesare Metalli has an operational headquarters spread over an area of 28,000 square meters and it’s located on the Via Emilia between Parma and Reggio Emilia. The main activity has always been in the processing and recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Sector in which the company has been operating with great expertise since 1965. The processed metals, falling within the product specifications in use (CECA / AISI / UNI), are given to steelworks and foundries to be reintroduced back into the market.


Collection and Transport

We collect ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap at your company and transport it to our warehouses with our own trucks affiliated and transporters throughout Italy

Containers Rental

We offer on loan for use containers for the collection of your scrap metal, we will then empty it with passages with a fixed frequency or on request

Radiometric Control

In accordance with the Legislative Decree of 1 June 2011, n. 100 (G.U. n. 156 of 7.7.11) we provide for the radiometric surveillance of materials and semi-finished metallic products stored in our warehouses

Scrap Analysis

The recovery of the entering scrap metal is done through careful selection and volumetric reduction, using technologically advanced plants and equipment

Industrial Demolitions

We take care of the entire demolition process of all metal elements (ferrous and non-ferrous) of any size and of any other element present in industrial plants, workshops and warehouses

Metals Trade

We sell ferrous and non-ferrous metal materials to steelworks and foundries. We are able to guarantee continuous flows always providing advantageous and updated prices to the market trend favoring the recycling and the eco-sustainability


Metals have almost infinite life but are not inexhaustible

For this reason, their recycling is a precious resource that allows the recovery of raw materials, scarce in nature and destined to be exhausted, giving rise to new realizations.

Carbognani Cesare Metalli S.p.A. with an experience gained in 50 years of metal recovery activity, it is one of the reference operators in the sector of trade and production of raw materials for the metallurgical and iron/steel industries.

Nel corso degli anni Carbognani, forte dalla professionalità e dell’impiego di tecnologie avanzate si è imposto come realtà industriale solida basando la propria attività strategica ed operativa su un valore fondamentale, il rispetto per l’ambiente.

This is why the company has adopted an environmental management system that complies with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.

Tons of steel packaging recovered per year
Tons of ferrous scrap recovered per year thus avoiding emissions of 45,000 Ton CO2eq into the atmosphere